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Welcome to Erevna Media

Discover scientific wonderment with Erevna Media

Erevna comes from the Greek word "to research." Research is a journey, an exploration, and something in which to be delighted.

At Erevna Media we believe that when citizens meet science, magical things happen. We champion the power of learning and living a curious life. This is a space for individuals within the scientific community to share their sense of wonderment about their areas of study with an engaged community of curious learners.

Erevna Media is dedicated to fostering and supporting scientific discourse and the dissemination of scientific knowledge. We provide online spaces for scientific communication, podcasts and consulting services in biomedical, global health and engineering expertise.

We are committed to open, inclusive and data-driven science and to communicating science in understandable, informative, prescient and fun.

Erevna was born out of the overwhelming need of scientific communication during the COVID pandemic. During that time, the scientific communication was as prolific as it was variable. From that time, we identified three major needs for communicating science:

  1. The need for more trusted and vetted sources of scientific information

  2. The need for more engagement with science on a regular basis, not just during a pandemic

  3. The need to make science fun and accessible

To address these needs, Erevna Media aims to provide a space for scientific communication that is driven by openness, inclusion, and data. We are committed to bringing fun and engaging scientific content that is always based on the available evidence.

In addition to curating this website and producing podcasts, Erevna Media also provides consulting services in the biomedical, global health and engineering spaces to further scientific discoveries.

Learn more about Erevna Media's founders Dr. Alexis Katsis and Dr. Dimos Katsis and join Erevna on the journey to scientific wonderment.


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