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Meet Dr. Dimos Katsis

Dr. Dimos Katsis, CFO and Contributor for Erevna Media

Dr. Dimos is a former Principal Engineer at New Glenn's embedded systems team after a year leading design work for engine and launch vehicle avionics. Dimos has also been an product developer, consulting electrical engineer and solar energy expert.

He graduated from Virginia Tech, getting his Bachelors and Masters Degrees and PhD, with a keen interest and expertise in power electronics. He started his career at GE Industrial Systems before moving to the US Army Research Laboratory. Soon, the entrepreneurial itch took hold and Dimos started his own company focused on designing and producing solar power inverters and self-contained power storage systems for homes. During that time, he also consulted for GM on hybrid electric busses, Apollo Solar, General Electric Lighting, and Rolls Royce. In his spare time, Dimos has worked as an instructor in the engineering programs at Johns Hopkins University, learned how to brew beer and bake bread and remains an avid runner.

Dr. Dimos is passionate about renewal energy, effective trash management and personally contributes to keeping items out of the waste stream by fixing anything and everything he possibly can.

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