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Meet Dr. Alexis Katsis (Dr. Lex)

Dr. Alexis Katsis (Dr. Lex), Founder and CEO of Erevna Media

Dr. Alexis (Dr. Lex) provides relationship management and clinical trial consulting services for a Seattle-based philanthropic organization. Alexis brings her expertise in global health and infectious disease and experience as a leader to Erevna Media.

She graduated from the George Washington University with a Masters in Public Health Microbiology and a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology and has worked at the NIH, CDC and for small and large pharmaceutical companies.

After her PhD, Alexis left the laboratory to pursue a career in facilitating and disseminating science, working first at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and then in a leadership position at the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center, leading a team of 10 data managers in charge of all the laboratory data for over 70 HIV and COVID clinical trials. In her free time, Alexis is the creative force behind the LuxSci podcast, an experimenter in the kitchen and an avid reader.

Dr. Lex is passionate about science communication, the perfect cocktail and learning different styles of dance.


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