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LuxeSci Show Notes: S2E8 - It's All About Perspective


  • Linear perspective = mathematical system for projecting a 3-D world onto a 2-D surface

  • Started with Euclid’s Elements and his geometry and the technique was originally called geometric figuring

  • Invited science into art but in turn it made science art better

  • Ex - Galileo’s moon drawings depicted the topography of the mountains and craters

  • Has been reworked since the Renaissance with artists playing with perspective more

  • Although linear perspective in its true form is still used for video games

  • There are different types of perspective 

  • Anamorphsis - stretch an ordinary linear-perspective image in one or more direction to obscure its original form 

  • Draw a grid over the image and translate the image point by point to a grid that has been stretched

  • In order to see the form of the object, the viewer must be positioned in a particular spot

  • Questions for Sam:

  • How long have you been drawing

  • How would you describe your style?

  • How much does perspective feature into your art

  • How did you learn it?

  • What does it look like in practice for you

  • Do you do the math or go by site

  • We understand that you teach as well - how do you teach it?


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