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LuxeSci Show Notes: S1E21: Jewelry - Can You Get Dino DNA from Amber?

Time sure does fly. We've been in Greece in a little over a month and we're still getting settled and still exploring. If you'd like to follow our Greek adventures, check out our Instagram and YouTube.

For our last installment of the fine jewelry series, we're turning our curiosity and sense of humor on to a bit of an oddball in the gemstone world, Amber. Dr. Dimos does a deep dive into what amber is made of, it's long and storied history and some of its chemical properties. Dr. Lex has two amber-related stories about drug development and a little water bear that got trapped for eternity. As always, there are glossary terms, fun cocktail facts and plenty of fun science.

Also - we've launched a new YouTube Series. Check out a channel for Science Sips where we sip cocktails and talk about what science caught our eye this week.

Music: Harlequin Mood by Burdy

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