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LuxeSci Show Notes: Bonus Interviews - The Art and Science of Podcasting

Interview with Pranoti of Talk Science

Hello fancy friends and welcome to LuxeSci, a podcast to reignite your wonder by exploring the science behind luxury items.  We are rounding out our series of interviews with scientific artists and artistic scientists.  This week we’re speaking with Pranoti of The Science Talk Youtube channel.  Pranoti is a materials scientists who is committed to sharing her love of science with the world.  She has a Masters degree in Materials Science and a PhD in Engineering Physics and Applied Physics.  Since getting her PhD, she has worked as a product manager and marketing manager.  Her artistic outlet is podcasting and Youtube videos so we’re super excited to talk with her today about the artistic side of podcastin. 


  1. How did you first get involved in science?

  2. What drew you to Materials Science?

  3. Tell us about your podcast, when did you start, why and what is it about?

  4. Do you view podcasting as an art form, why or why not?

  5. How important is storytelling to your audience?

  6. How do you prep your interviewees?

  7. Do you coach them on telling a story with their science?

  8. How do you practice your art (podcasting)? How do you improve?

  9. What skills have you had to learn?

  10. What do you hope people take away from your podcast?

  11. Do you do any other forms of art?

  12. Does your scientific background help with being creative?

  13. Who is your favorite scientist.

You can find Pranoti's work here:


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