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LuxeSci Show Notes: Bonus Interviews - Talking Gems and Gemology with Lauren

This is a re-release and remastered episode from Season 1. We had such a great time talking with geologist turned gemologist Lauren from Valerie Madison jewelry that we thought it merited a second time around.

Hello and welcome to our first guest, Lauren   who is the Director of Diamonds and Gemstones at Valerie Madison Jewelry here in Seattle.  Valerie Madison Jewelry is an independent jewelry shop named for its founder that was started around 2015 and is women-led, which is awesome.

  1. So Lauren - you started out as a geologist.  What got you interested in geology?

  2. Did you got to school for geology as an undergrad?

  3. What did you do right after school?

  4. How did you transition into gemology?

  5. What is the process for being certified as a gemologist?

  6. What is your favorite part about what you do now?

  7. What role does science play in your current work?

  8. What is your favorite gemstone?

  9. What advice would you give for someone interested in this field?

  10. Remind us again where people can find you

Well, my luxurious friends, you’ve spent another 20 minutes with us and our new friend, Lauren. We hope you like listening to this episode as much as we liked making it.  You can find Lauren at Valerie Madison Jewelry in Seattle where she is the Director of Diamonds and Gemstones. I highly recommend a visit for custom jewelry, chic designs, and my favorite, their eternity bracelets.

A very special thank you to my cohost and audio engineer Dimos.  Our theme music is Harlequin Moon by Burdy.  If you like us, please, please, please subscribe and rate us wherever you listen to your podcasts.

You can find us all over social media at luxescipod and now on Youtube at luxesci pod.  

Our call to action this episode is to follow us on Youtube where we’re uploading full episodes, chronicling our year in Greece and will be launching a new video series in about three weeks.


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