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LuxeSci Show Notes - Bonus Interviews - Natural Illustration with Andrea Repetto

Interview - Andrea Repetto

Intro - Andrea has a dual bachelors in Geological and Earth Sciences and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Washington and a Masters in Wildlife Biology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  She has worked as a research technologist and Adjunct Faculty.  She is currently a Clinical Data Manager for HIV and COVID clinical trials and a freelance natural science illustrator.  


  1. I can tell from your bio that you’ve had a long interest in wildlife. Is that what steered you toward natural science illustration?

  2. How did your time in Alaska influence your love of nature and your art?

  3. Tell us more about the certification you did?  What did it involve?  Did you learn about the science as part of it, as well as the art?

  4. What does your process look like for creating a new piece?

  5. What is the biggest audience for your work?  Individuals, textbooks, etc?

  6. How does your art influence the work you do?

  7. How does being as scientist help with your creative process?

  8. Do you have any stylistic influences?

  9. Do you have a favorite animal to draw?

  10. What advice would you give for some who would like to get started in illustration?

  11. Who is your favorite scientist?

  12. Where can people find your artwork?

You can find Andrea's work here:


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