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LuxeSci Show Notes: Bonus Interviews - Data and Design with Dr. Elisabeth Kugler

LuxeSci Intro - Hello and welcome to LuxeSci, a podcast to reignite your wonder by exploring the science behind luxury items. Today we’re doing one of my favorite things, an interview! We both absolutely love talking to people who are passionate about what they do and today we get to talk to the very talented Dr. Elisabeth Kugler.

Guest Intro - Just for a little background on Dr. Kugler for our listeners.  She has a BS and MS from the Leopold-Franzens Universitat Innsbruck, focusing on Molecular and Developmental Biology and a PhD from Sheffield University in the 3D Quantification and Description of the Developing Zebrafish Cranial Vasculature.  She is now the Director at Zeeks Art for Geeks where she specializes in data of all kinds, from bespoke data analysis to scientific art.  She is truly melding the artistic and scientific worlds in exciting ways.


  1. Did you feel called to both science and art growing up or did those passions develop later in life?

  2. How did the interest in zebrafish come about?

  3. What is something that you would want everyone to know about zebrafish since i’m not sure they very well known outside of the scientific research community

  4. How did your art evolve out of the science you were doing?

  5. How does your art help the science and vice versa?

  6. How did you end up starting your own company and what services do you provide?

  7. What is your favorite part of the work you do know?

  8. I understand that you are doing (or have just done) a gallery showing?  What kind of art did you show there?  What is the process for creating that art?

  9. What is your favorite part of sharing science with others?

  10. What is the most challenging part of sharing science with a non-science audience?

  11. How do you think we can get more people engaged with science and feeling that science is something that is fun and exciting?

Zeeks Art for Geeks -


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